Backflow Prevention

A J Batchelor is licensed for the installation, commissioning and testing of Backflow Prevention Devices. Annual testing is done and kept up to date by our data base. Full written reports are provided.




Internal Inspections

We have the latest technology in internal inspections of pipes and lines. The See Snake inspection system delivers high resolution pictures and allows an exact diagnosis of line problems.  


Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Our equipment has the extra power required to remove even the most stubborn blockages in institutional, commercial or residential properties.



Specialist Services

Drain & Conduit Locator

We offer the service of locating the exact position and depth in drain and conduits. Our Location Device can be applied with either the Pipe Camera or Speed Kleen Machine,



Pressure Jet Cleaning

By using a portable water Jet we can blast through blockages without the need to use harsh chemicals.



Proudly Australian